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Audrey Arona, MD

Dr Arona pic 2Dr. Arona received her doctorate degree from the University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine in 1991. She completed her residency at the University of Southern California Women’s Hospital in 1995.

She practiced in Los Gatos, CA for five years before coming to the Atlanta area and joining the practice in 1999. She specializes in breast disease, abnormal Pap tests, urinary incontinence, menopause, and adolescent gynecology.

Dr. Arona has two children and is Board Certified by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

She is the OBGYN consultant for the Gwinnett County Health Department, and a prior trustee for the American Medical Association. Besides politics, Dr. Arona also has an avid interest in medical legal issues.

Dr. Arona has helped thousands of patients transform their lives through an innovative, FDA approved and patented weight loss product, Trileana. Dr. Arona provides the materials, support, motivation and individual attention where necessary to guarantee achievement of weight loss goals.